FracMan Hydro Edition

Faults and fractures, karsts and other solution features are the key to exploiting groundwater in many parts of the world. Research in California has shown that major groundwater supply wells are best when located such that they intersect two or more fracture zones simultaneously. FracMan provides a powerful tool for understanding the spatial distribution of groundwater flow and storage, to develop and protect groundwater resources

Typical Projects:

  • Water Supply Well Design depends on an understanding of the geometry and connectivity of the discrete features which supply water to the wells. FracMan is used to develop a 3D model for the key conductors and flow barriers in the groundwater system. FracMan evaluates the tributary drainage volume of any well field design.  FracMan calculates groundwater flow volumes and pressure responses. Surface subsidence can be calculated using integrated subsidence formulas.
  • Groundwater Resource Evaluation is a key aspect of environmental assessment and the design of major projects such as mines and industrial facilities. FracMan provides a geologically based groundwater reservoir model which can be used to directly estimate groundwater resources in fractured, faulted, and carbonate rocks.
  • Tunnel Integrity includes issues of stability and water loss from unlined pressure tunnels. FracMan can be used to simultaneously address rock mechanics stability issues, grouting, and water loss.