FracMan License Management with FlexLM

Hardware Requirements

FracMan FlexLM licensing requires a Windows 2008 or newer server to run the FlexLM license server application.

Server Installation Procedures

Unzip the server components into a directory on the license server.  Start the server with the command line:

lmgrd.exe –c FracMan_Flex.lic

The server as well as the secondary application “FracFlex.exe” will need to be added to the windows firewall as an exception application in order for it to function.

This program must be running in order for licenses to be available.  The FracMan license file FracMan_Flex.lic should be in the same directory.

Client Installation

Once you’ve installed FracMan on the user’s computer you will need to create an environment variable to enable the FlexLM licensing in FracMan:


Here “SERVERNAME” is the name of the computer that is running the license server and “PORT” is the port used (default is 27000).  Clients must have access to the server machine and the indicated port must be opened through all network hardware.

As you can probably see these instructions are extremely dependent on the configuration of your network and server infrastructure and generally require assistance from the IT staff.