Software Licensing Options

FracMan software is available with a number of different licensing options to suit your business needs.

Software Node License

This is our standard licensing model FracMan software is licensed to a single computer.  License activation can use either a direct internet connection or can be done from a web browser on another machine.

USB Floating

In this model, the software license is attached to a USB key, the software is licensed to whichever computer the key is plugged into.  This is an extremely flexible solution when a travelling solution is occasionally needed.

Network Floating (Standard)*

Our standard network floating allows multiple users to share licenses.  It has no active server components and only requires a network accessible path which has full access for all license users.

Network Floating (Flexera / FlexLM)*

Primarily for users that have FlexLM deployed across their organization this system allows you to leverage Flexera’s Enterprise Platform.  This system requires a Windows based FlexLM server. See FracMan License Management with FlexLM.



*Extra fees may apply for multi-user floating licenses