FracMan 7.5

FracMan 7.5 is a significant upgrade to the FracMan Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) characterization and modeling software package.  This new version includes added capabilities to model fractured conventional and unconventional reservoirs, 3D simulation of hydraulic fracture interaction with natural fractures, and simulation of hydrocarbon flow to the wells.  New features in FracMan 7.5 include:

  • Powerful new fracture data analysis and visualization tools
  • Support for passive seismic and seismic tomography
  • Fracture generation conditioned to 3D seismic attributes
  • Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and proppant tracking
  • Hydro-shearing analysis
  • Multi-porosity gas flow dynamic simulation
  • Equation processor for custom spatial, geometric, and geologic correlations
  • Non-planar and impersistent fault and fracture generation
  • In situ stress conditioning
  • Integration with all major geo-modelling and dynamic simulation software