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FracMan 7.6 Now Available

The FracMan® software suite is the premier software that allows analysis and modelling of heterogeneous and fractured rock masses. It allows users to visualize fracture systems, test conceptual understanding, determine the best strategies, and quantify risks and uncertainties. FracMan helps to close the gap between geology and production behavior.

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FracMan includes tools for discrete feature data analysis, geologic modeling, spatial analysis, visualization, flow and transport, and geomechanics.

FracMan generates 3-D fracture network models to provide a more realistic  description of the pattern of faults, fractures, solution features and stratigraphic contacts in fractured rock.

FracMan74_HFSequenceFracMan provides a range of approaches for generation of fracture patterns to suit every geology,  including stochastic models, fault and fold geological models, geocellular models, and stress tensor models.  Fracture patterns can include planar and non-planar faults and can be conditioned to field observations.  FracMan has been applied successfully in carbonate, fractured till, crystalline and clastic geologies.

FracMan’s 2017 release 7.60 provides unrivaled power to solve practical reservoir engineering issues.  Major new features and performance enhancements keep FracMan your #1 choice for Discrete Fracture Network Analysis.

FracMan is customized for your Application:

Reservoir Edition

Fractured Reservoir Geology • Reservoir Engineering • Reservoir Static Modelling • Reservoir Dynamic Modelling • Hydraulic Fracture Modelling and Simulation

Geomechanics Edition

Mine, Slope and Tunnel Fracture Geology • Kinematic and Fragmentation Analysis • Geomechanical Simulation

Nuclear Edition

Hydrogologic analysis of fractured rock • Geologically realistic.

Hydro Edition

Faults and Fractures •Karsts  • Groundwater analysis in many parts of the world.



FracMan runs on a wide variety of systems – see our system requirements

FracMan support continues to be the best in the industry, providing you with access to the expert Geologists, Engineers and Software developers of the FracMan Technology Group. We are much more than just a place to send bug reports, we are your source for customized support and development.