Hydraulic Fracture Simulation

Hydraulic FractureGolder Associates has developed unique capabilities for analysis and modelling of hydraulic fractures integrated with our world standard FracMan discrete fracture network modelling capabilities.

Our modelling service allows detailed analysis of the interaction of natural and hydraulic fractures, hydraulic fracture geometry and natural fracture reactivation.  Golder’s technologies make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing techniques for improved recovery.

HF_Micro1Our discrete fracture network (DFN) hydraulic fracture analysis can be applied to reservoirs with hundreds to thousands of frac stages recovery in shale gas, carbonate, sandstone, fractured basement, tight gas, and unconventional reservoirs.  Our FracMan-ELFEN approach includes frac-fluid and propant modelling, integrated flow/geomechanics and microseismic simulation.


Golder provides practical answers to important reservoir issues for hydraulic fractured reservoirs including:

  • Infil drilling, completion and hydraulic fracturing strategies
  • Evaluation of exploration prospects
  • Tributary drainage volumes and recovery factors
  • Estimates of ultimate recovery and fracture effective porosity hydraulic fracturing