Geothermal Reservoir Consulting

In any reservoir engineering project understanding the geomechanics of the behavior of the reservoir can be key in identifying the connectivity of the fracture network, hence the productivity of the reservoir and the likely implications of micro-seismic events and appropriate/stable well designs. Golder has a global reputation in the provision of geomechanical services.

Services include:

Fractured Reservoir Analysis and Modeling

  • Reservoir Structural Geology
  • Discrete Fracture Network Static Modeling
  • Fractured Reservoir Architecture Assessment
  • Upscaling of Fracture Permeability
  • Fracture Porosity Analysis
  • Anisotropy and Heterogeneity
  • Fracture Image Log Extrapolation
  • Fracture Statistical, Geostatistical and Fractal Analysis

Geophysical Services

  • Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) Processing and Interpretation
  • Micro Seismic Surveys and Interpretation
  • Seismic Volume Reprocessing
  • Identification of Fractures and Faults from Seismic Surveys
  • Fracture Intensity and Orientation Fields Conditioning

Reservoir Engineering and Development

  • Well Test Design, Interpretation and Simulation
  • Development Strategies
  • Well Location, Completion, and Trajectory Optimization
  • Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Reservoir Volumetrics
  • Tributary Drainage Volume Analysis
  • Matrix-Fracture Interaction Assessment
  • True Multiple Porosity/Multiple Permeability Dynamic Simulation
  • Production Testing, Analysis, and Interpretation
  • Multi-phase DFN Flow Modeling
  • Calibration and Conditioning to Dynamic Data