Water Resources

The FracMan Technology Group specializes in understanding the role of geologic structures in water supply. We build 3-D discrete feature network models which incorporate conductive features from the wellbore to the aquifer scale. We use these models to determine producible water resources, and to optimize well field design. For each model, we simulate the location and completion of existing and proposed wells, and use our FracMan/MAFIC flow code to simulate water production time histories. Water supply modelling uses either single porosity (fracture only) or dual porosity (water/matrix) approaches.

FracMan’s integrated finite element flow code (MAFIC) is used to analyze fracture rock site hydraulic and solute transport tests, design remediation and monitoring plans, and characterize contaminant plumes. The ability of FracMan to model discrete pathways through fractures, faults, and karsts is unique. For projects looking for a more conventional approach, FracMan models can be exported and upscaled to MODFLOW, FEFLOW®, and HydroGeoSphere®.

Services include:

  • Hydrogeology and solute transport
  • Waste water disposal assessment
  • Wellhead protection
  • Water supply well effectiveness
  • Monitoring and pathways analysis
  • Environmental restorationhydrogeology and solute transport