Fractured Reservoir Services

Golder’s FracMan Technology group is the world leader in the analysis, characterization and modeling of fractured oil and gas reservoirs. Using approaches and technology developed by Golder, we help our clients unlock the potential of their assets.


We have evaluated fractured reservoirs across the world in a wide range of geological settings including fractured carbonates and sandstones, shales, tight sands, basements, and coal bed methane/coal seam gas (CBM/CSG). The professionals delivering our consulting services using FracMan software bring a wealth of practical experience in the petroleum industry and use specially designed workflows to provide clients with solutions to their fractured reservoir appraisal and development challenges. Golder offices are strategically located throughout the world to couple local support with international expertise.

Products and associated support:


  • FracMan® the world-leading Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) software
  • FracPad™ – An easy-to-use, app-type, hydraulic fracture simulator for field use to provide real-time feedback of hydraulic fracturing progression, that can be used to refine subsequent stages a stimulation program
  • Public and in-house software training courses
  • Staff development and customized training


Key consulting services to oil and gas exploration and production:

Fractured Reservoir Analysis & Modeling

  • Reservoir Structural Geology
  • Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) Static Modeling
  • Fractured Reservoir Architecture Assessment
  • Upscaling of Fracture Permeability
  • Fracture Porosity Analysis
  • Anisotropy and Heterogeneity
  • Fracture Image Log Extrapolation
  • Fracture Statistical, Geostatistical and Fractal Analysis

 Fractured Reservoir Engineering and Field Development


  • Well Test Design, Interpretation and Simulation
  • Development Strategies
  • Well Location, Completion, and Trajectory Optimization
  • Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • IOR Strategy Development
  • Reservoir Volumetrics
  • Tributary  Drainage Volume Analysis
  • Matrix-Fracture Interaction Assessment
  • True Multiple Porosity / Multiple Permeability  Dynamic Simulation
  • Production  Test, PLT, and DST Analysis and Interpretation
  • Multiphase Discrete Fracture Network Flow Modeling
  • Calibration and Conditioning to Dynamic Data

Reservoir Geomechanics

  • Hydraulic Fracture Simulation
  • Hydraulic Fracture Stress Interpretation
  • In-situ and Critical Stress Analysis
  • Coupled Stress-Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Sand Production  Management
  • Well and Cap Rock Integrity Assessment
  • Compaction / Subsidence / Heave Investigation
  • Wellbore  Stability Analysis

Golder Assocaites serves the wider oil & gas industry, providing a range of environmental services spanning the full width of upstream to downstream.