Mining Services

Golder Associates are one of the pioneering groups in the use of the Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) approach and their application to mining and geotechnical problems. By building geologically realistic models of the rock mass structure, DFN models can accurately capture both the geometry and connectivity of the fracture network as well as the geometry of the associated intact rock blocks. They are stochastic models and so the likelihood of an occurrence such as block instability or size can be determined through the generation of multiple realisations. Most importantly they provide a clear and reproducible route from site investigation data to modelling because real fracture properties are being preserved through the modelling process.

 The DFN approach is being used increasingly to address a wide range of geomechanical problems when engineering or excavating large structures in fractured rock masses. From large open pit slopes, block caves, tunnel excavations, the generation of synthetic rock mass (SRM) strength and stiffness properties to mine inflow and water management problems with structurally controlled flow, DFN analysis and modelling helps deliver an advanced rock mass characterization capability.

Key FracMan related mining services include:

  • Mine vein/dike deposits resource evaluation;
  • Fracture analysis, rock mass characterization and modelling;
  • Fracture data visualization;
  • Open pit and underground stability analysis using kinematic, discrete element, and continuum techniques;
  • Block caving analysis and simulation;
  • Pre-conditioning evaluation;
  • Synthetic rock mass analysis for equivalent strength and stiffness properties;
  • Rock bridge assessment;