Civil Engineering Services

Golder Associates is one of the leading global companies in the world for technical expertise in civil engineering.  In the past 20 years, the FracMan Technology group has been involved in projects that have led to the creation novel approaches to solve problems within civil engineering.
Some of the services provided include:

  • Slope stability
  • Grout modeling
  • Subsidence and settlement
  • Integrity
  • Natural frequency
  • Foundation and footing stability/instability
  • Tunnel interaction
  • Support requirements

Slope Stability Analysis

FracMan provides kinematic stability analysis that provide Golder a unique edge because FracMan works directly with fully heterogeneous 3D DFN fracture models.  Other wedge stability software commonly makes unrealistic assumptions of infinite fractures randomly combined.  FracMan fractures have realistic 3D geometries that can be conditioned to mapped fractures.  FracMan produces realistic 3D blocks, with full consideration of the effect of fluid pressures, rock bolts, and conditioning to mapped fractures. slope stability

Grout modeling capability for Tunnels/Transportation

groutingYou can design grout curtains using FracMan using Golder’s Aperture Controlled Grouting (ACG) Method (Jefferies et al, 2015). FracMan models the penetration of the grout (Bingham fluid) into the fractures, and predicts grout effectiveness by comparing fracture networks pre- and post-grouting.  As a result, Golder can offer the most powerful, quantitative, and objective approach for design of grouting programs for control of water inflow and contaminant isolation.

Subsidence Analysis

The quickest, easiest way evaluate subsidence due to mine development, aquifer depletion, and geothermal development is the use of the Geertsma (1972) equations. These equations are implemented in 3D within FracMan, to provide a rapid, approximate approach for understanding subsidence for any project. subsidence

Block Kinematics for Mines, Caverns, and Tunnels

Identify defined rock blocks formed by finite fractures on rock slopes and caverns. block kinematics