FracMan Training

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Golder regularly holds both public and client based training courses in both FracMan modeling and its application to a range of industries including oil & gas reservoir modeling, mining and civil applications and nuclear waste management around the world.

Our most successful course configuration combines technical and theoretical material with hands on fracture modelling training with our FracMan software. This allows students to apply & test what they learn.  These courses are typically between 1-5 days, ranging from a basic introduction to more advanced modelling techniques.

Training programs have been configured to give different levels of learning, from a basic understanding of the FracMan Technology Suite of software right up to industry-tailored applications that will help you to develop specifically within your business.

Training can be varied for use in:

  • General software training and initial instruction in the use of FracMan.
  • Additional specific training in fields of use such as geomechanics, helping you to get the most out of your software and helping you to maximize the use of your assets.
  • Assisted training that will work with you on specific projects in your portfolio.
  • Our wealth of experience in developing and nurturing knowledge transfer makes FracMan Technology Group training an essential way to develop your future business, making you aware of potential pitfalls and helping you maximize your efficiency and quality in developing projects.

Please contact us to find out about a course in your part of the world.