Re-Fracturing Design Tools

Golder Associates’ FracMan Technology Group has provided re-fracturing recommendations to improve production and decrease costs for a major shale gas asset. Re-fracturing can provide significant increased production from existing wells. However, re-fracturing must strategically target remaining reserves, taking advantage of the stresses and pressures from previous stimulation(s) and production. FracMan’s DFN geo-mechanics/hydro-dynamics simulator was used […]

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GRC Annual Meeting 2015

GRC Annual Meeting, Reno, NV – Sept 2015: Using FracMan for Geothermal

If you are coming to the Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting September 21-23, be sure to attend the paper presentation, “Hydro-shearing and Hydraulic Fracturing for Enhanced Geothermal Systems in Archetypical Normal, Strike-Slip and Thrust Faulting Terrains” by Aleta Finnila, Bill Dershowitz,  and Tom Doe. The oral presentation will be Tuesday, Sept 22, at 10:50am and the poster presentation […]

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American Rock Mechanics Association

ARMA, San Francisco – June 2015

Dr. Bill Dershowitz, Dr. Paul La Pointe, and Mr. Aaron Fox attended the American Rock Mechanics Association national convention in San Francisco, California in June. With more than 300 scientists and technical professionals engaged in rock mechanics and rock engineering in attendance, this symposium offered an excellent opportunity to promote FracMan’s state of the art […]

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3rd Quarter 2014 Tool Tips

What’s the Difference: Fisher Distribution & Elliptical Fisher Distribution The Fisher Distribution is the analog of the Normal (Gaussian) distribution on a sphere, and is theoretically justified when a sum of multiple, uncorrelated variations in rock properties and stress conditions cause the variation in fracture orientation. It is easy to fit and easy to explain. […]

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3rd Quarter 2014 Featured Article

Hydraulic-Geomechanical Coupling in Fluid Injection Projects Reinjecting fluid byproducts into deeper reservoirs is a frequently considered fluid disposal method. The suitability of a site for brine injection is assessed through several criteria, including chemical compatibility, injectivity potential, and minimizing drilling costs. Recently, there has been increased interest in considering the potential reactivation of discontinuities at […]

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URTeC, Denver – August 25-27, 2014

Join the FracMan Technology Group at the Unconventional Resources Technolgy Conference this August in Denver. Members of our team will be presenting two papers: Geomechanical and Flow Simulation of Hydraulic Fractures Using High-Resolution Passive Seismic Images by Lacazette, A., W. Dershowitz and J. Vermilye Discrete Fracture Network Simulation of Production Data from Unconventional Wells by Doe, T., […]

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Oil and Gas Breakfast Series, Pittsburgh – July 10, 2014

On Thursday, July 10, Cliff Knitter of Golder’s FracMan® Technology Group is presenting a research-focused talk titled Simulating Hydraulic Fracturing and Flow to the Wells. Using case studies from our recent work in unconventional resource plays, Cliff will discuss 3-D modeling techniques and: What they reveal about the effect of natural fracture networks on hydraulic fracturing The […]

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ExPro 2014

ExPro Talk – June 26-27, 2014

Excellence in Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in Europe This event brings together senior individuals from the key oil and gas organisations round the world to look at the current status of the shale gas market in Europe today.  There is a key focus on current exploration and the current technologies. We will be exhibiting during the event as […]

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Doe et al. 2014 paper icon

Golder Presentation at the Stanford Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Workshop

Golder scientists Tom Doe and Bill Dershowitz from the Redmond, US, office and Rob McLaren from the Guelph, CA, office have teamed up to contribute a paper to the 39th Annual Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering at Stanford University. Tom will present their paper “Discrete Fracture Network Simulations of Enhanced Geothermal Systems” during the three-day […]

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