ExPro Talk – June 26-27, 2014

Excellence in Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in Europe

This event brings together senior individuals from the key oil and gas organisations round the world to look at the current status of the shale gas market in Europe today.  There is a key focus on current exploration and the current technologies. We will be exhibiting during the event as well as providing an interactive workshop.  Please come and see us and meet some of the team.

Mark Cottrell, Manager, FracMan Technology Group Europe will be on hand to chat about how Golder’s technology tool for fractured reservoir analysis: FracMan® is being used to better understand and improve production levels, facilitate smarter development strategies, reduce uncertainty and mitigate environmental risk. He will also be leading the workshop.

Henry Lang, Golder’s Oil and Gas Sector Lead for UK and Africa will be available to discuss the various issues facing the industry in terms of exploration and production, permitting and environmental risk management.

Golder’s Poland Country Manager, Anna Kaniewska will be also be on hand to discuss, first hand the experiences and issues relating to shale development in Poland .