Tomas BymStockholm, Sweden

Geotechnical Engineer

Tomas has experience with many fracture reservoir modelling and civil engineering projects including work for the Swedish nuclear fuel and waste agency, oil reservoirs in Russia, foundation design in Sweden and exploration mining projects in Africa. He has a solid programming background and works with a wide array of geotechnical software.

Trevor Carter Mississauga, Canada

Senior Consultant Rock Engineering

Trevor has worked on numerous underground and surface mining and heavy civil projects world-wide, and has pioneered application of DFN techniques in many locations over the course of a 35 year career in design and construction.  The range of projects where he has applied DFN’s with success span four continents over the last three decades – from an early application for a challenging rock slope stability project in Hong Kong in the mid 1990’s through various applications in mining, tunnelling and hydropower in North and South America and in India during the 2000’s to most recently, over the last decade, for grout design applications, principally in South America and Canada. 

Joe Carvalho Mississauga, Canada

Mining & Rock Mechanics, Principal Rock Engineering

Joe is experienced in elasto-plastic, visco-elastic and poro-elastic analysis of stress, including stress analysis of large open pit mines, underground storage schemes and tunnels for subway and hydroelectric developments and for underground mine planning. He is also experienced in the analysis of fluid flow through porous media including diffusion processes and in fluid flow and mass transport in fractures (as applied to hydraulic fracturing of petroleum reservoirs for recovery enhancement).

Mark Cottrell Belfast, United Kingdom

Senior Engineer

Mark is a specialist on employing hybrid continuous/discrete representations for modelling multi-fracturing solids in rock and soil mechanics in engineering. He has contributed significantly to the worldwide use of the combined finite element and discrete element method (FE/DE) in the field of geomechanics and engineering.

Bill Decker Mount Laurel, United States

Senior Consultant

Bill is a geologist/hydrogeologist and engineering geologist working in mineral exploration, environmental remediation, mine development and large scale infrastructure projects in North America and Australia. His expertise includes: development of geological models and interpretations in support of site selection, design and construction for environmental and infrastructure projects; structural analysis of fractured rock; design and implementation of field investigations; geological hazard analysis; and, material source studies.

Nicole DeNovio Redmond, United States

Senior Consultant/Associate Environmental Sciences

Nicole is a senior hydrogeologist specializing in water resources and water quality issues. She has groundwater flow and contaminant transport experience for projects including the largest contaminated site in the United States, and groundwater supply, hydrologic assessment and modelling, water right planning and implementation, groundwater modelling, vadose zone characterization, geochemical characterization, and water quality contamination and transport.

Bill Dershowitz Redmond, United States

Technical Director, FracMan Technology Group/Principal

Bill is a rock mechanic and founder of the Golder’s FracMan Technology Group with over 35 years of experience in fractured rock geomechanics and hydrodynamics.  He has a particular enthusiasm for groundwater, heat and solute transport modeling, slope and tunnel kinematics, grouting, hydraulic fracturing, geothermal reservoirs, subsidence analysis, geomechanical modeling, probabilistic methods, and resource assessment.

Gareth Digges La Touche Nottingham, United Kingdom

Associate and Senior Hydrologist/Geoscientist

Gareth’s experience spans fractured bedrock aquifers for deep mining operations, low permeability shales for unconventional hydrocarbon studies, and investigations of geothermal prospects and high pressure and temperature groundwater regimes. He has a range of geoscience experience relating to fractured and non-fractured reservoirs and is experienced with the use of well test, geological, wireline geophysics and seismic data sets to develop conceptual and numerical geological and fluid flow models of reservoirs.

Tom Doe Redmond, United States

Principal FracMan Technology Group

Tom is a world recognized expert in subsurface flow and rock engineering applications in fractured rock masses. He has over 25 years of experience in radioactive waste investigations for fractured rock in the US, Japan, France, Sweden, and Switzerland. His projects also include hydrogeologic assessments of fractured petroleum reservoirs, landfills on fractured basement rocks and fracture flow studies for mine inflow and contaminant transport. He also consults in pressure tunnel design with respect to measurement and analysis of in situ stress and water inflow.

Davide Elmo Vancouver, Canada

Rock Mechanics Engineer

In addition to working for Golder Associates, Davide is also an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. He has
been involved in analysing new methods for the characterisation of rock mass strength and deformability, using a combination of discontinuity mapping and fracture mechanics modelling. Other research topics include advanced numerical modelling of block cave mining and discrete fracture networks, interaction between surface and underground mining, numerical simulations of the mechanical behaviour of hard rock pillars, slope stability analysis and applications of synthetic rock mass modelling.

Aleta Finnila Redmond, United States

Staff Geologist

Aleta combines scientific interests with programming skills to support the FracMan Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) modeling suite. Recent work includes an evaluation of the depositional history, mechanical layering and fracture intensity in tight shales, as well as researching the physical parameters limiting enhanced geothermal systems.

Aaron Fox Portland, United States

Senior Geologist

As a structural geologist and geological engineer, Aaron enjoys bridging the gaps between conceptual geological modeling, rock mechanics and statistics. He has been working in fractured rocks for more than 17 years in diverse geologic settings including Middle East carbonates, volcanoclastic rocks and rhyolite flows, Fennoscandian Shield metamorphic rock and shale oil and gas formations in the United States. He is active in radioactive waste projects in Finland, Sweden and the U.S. as well as supporting geologic modeling for Golder’s oil and gas projects around the world.

Florin Gheorghiu Mount Laurel, United States

Senior Program Leader/Principal

Florin is an expert in the field of hydrogeologic testing, modeling and hydrogeologic designs.  He has directed numerous environmental projects at CERCLA and RCRA sites that required numerical groundwater flow and solute transport modeling. He also served as the Project Director and Technical Manager for the design and implementation of a large bedrock remedial system at Modern Landfill that involved extensive hydrogeologic testing of fractured bedrock, numerical modeling and deep bedrock blasting.

Lars Hassler Stockholm, Sweden

Lars has worked with most aspects of civil constructions including contracts handling and project management. He has been appointed as expert for the Swedish Rail administration and has been working as an expert on rock mechanical and grouting design issues for the Swedish Road Administration.

Jan Hermanson Stockholm, Sweden


Jan has acquired extensive experience ranging from field geology, structural geological modelling and numerical modelling for oil & gas, nuclear waste, mining, infrastructure and tunnelling projects. He has extensive managerial experience from project management of complex site investigation projects to management of several companies in the Golder Associates corporation.

Hooman Hosseinpour Redmond, United States

Senior Project Engineer

Hooman is the lead geomechanics modeller for the FracMan Technology Group in Redmond with experience in a wide range of geotechnical and geomechanical engineering projects.  He has been involved in many major oil and gas, mining, and civil engineering projects in Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and the US.  His typical projects include hydraulic fracture modelling, fracture propagation evaluation, geothermal reservoirs, stress-deformation analyses, slope and wedge stability, settlement for earth structures, subsidence, and risk analysis.

Neal Josephson Redmond, United States

Senior Software Architect

Neal is a senior project engineer for the FracMan Technology Group. He is responsible for software architecture, programming and user support.

Rita Kamera Naas, Republic of Ireland


Rita’s responsibilities include assessment of field data, evaluation of discrete fracture network (DFN) analysis with focus on in situ stress analysis, wellbore stability, hydraulic fracturing and equivalent porous model (EPM) of static and dynamic groundwater model. She was involved in several nuclear waste disposal and groundwater flow simulation projects at Golder Associates (Hungary) Ltd.

Cliff Knitter Redmond, United States

Senior Program Leader and Principal

Cliff is a project and program manager for the analysis of fractured oil and gas reservoirs. He brings expertise in geology, structural geology, and geochemistry to characterizing, analyzing and modeling fractured reservoirs. His focus has been on unconventional gas and oil resources worldwide with involvement in many of the unconventional shale gas and shale oil basins in North America. In addition, he has worked in fractured carbonate reservoirs worldwide.

Paul LaPointe Redmond, United States

Senior Practice Leader and Principal

Paul has more than 25 year’s experience as a technical expert and project manager for projects related to the characterization and modeling of rock for the optimized development of oil & gas, coal, metallic and non-metallic mineral resources; the safe isolation of nuclear waste; characterization of bedrock for large civil engineering projects; and the remediation of soils and bedrock due to industrial and mining operations. He has extensive experience in the areas of fractured rock structural geology, environmental statistical modeling and characterization, and mathematical and stochastic modeling of natural systems.

Glori Lee Redmond, United States

Senior Programmer

Glori has developed many of the core FracMan modules including those for rock stability analysis, geomechanical modelling and simulation of flow and pressure in discrete fractured rock systems. This functionality has been used in slope stability analysis of open pit excavations, simulation of hydrofracture growth, and nuclear waste repository planning, civil construction, and petroleum reservoir simulations.

Doo-Hyun Lim Redmond, United States

Senior Engineer

Doo-Hyun has over 15 years of experience in the groundwater flow and radionuclide transport analyses for the radioactive waste disposal in deep geologic repositories. His projects include performance/safety assessments and site characterization of geologic repositories of nuclear wastes (LLW, ILW, and HLW) for various countries, i.e., USA, Korea, Japan, and Sweden.

Steve Rogers Burnaby, Canada

Associate, Senior Geoscientist

Steve is the leader of Golder Associates’ Canada fractured reservoir team. He has lead evaluations of fractured sandstones, carbonates, basement and shale reservoirs in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America and the Caribbean. He has been responsible for the development of many of the integrated workflows of the FracMan Technology Group, particularly in the application of 3D geophysical techniques and VSP, geomechanical and critical stress analyses, dynamic simulation of multiple porosity reservoirs and the development of geological conceptual models.

Chunmei Shi Redmond, United States

Senior Project Reservoir Engineer

Chunmei has more than 10 years of experience as a reservoir engineer.  Her responsibilities principally include analyses and matching of transient well test data, upscaling DFN models to traditional multiphase/multiporosity flow simulations, providing history matching and production projections for fractured reservoirs using DFN models.  She has completed oil and gas E&P projects in fractured conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the US, South Asia, North Sea, Iraqi Kurdistan and Mexico. She also has extensive experience in phase behavior analysis and Equation of State (EOS) characterization.